Other Wheeled Equipment
Date Updated: Tuesday January 17, 2006

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This example is of a modified PMC Humvee equipped with bolt on armor at the rear cab. This version actually has canvas doors and a canvas roof together with an M60 mg on a pintle mount. The mount also has a gun shield. Armor was said to have been taken from some of the retired LVT5s.

Another modified Humvee operated by the 75th Marine Company (Armored Company). Like the Humvee above, this one has armored shields on the sides of the troop compartment. Beside it is are one of the old Delta Motors Mini Cruiser Jeeps designed and built for the AFP during the Marcos years. They have been surprisingly durable. Many thanks for Anonymous for the picture below.

M35 Trucks

The Marines, like the rest of the AFP is a heavy user of M35 trucks. The truck on the left carries a large water tank while the one on the right is the more common troop carrier. Many thanks to Anonymous for the picture of the trucks.

CMC Cruiser Jeeps

Locally built version. 20 units were acquired for field testing with the hopes that they will eventually replace the aging M151 Kennedy jeeps.

M151 Jeeps

Best known in PMC service as the vehicle that carries the M40 recoilless rifles.

Marine Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MMPV)

Prototype of the first "Marine Multi Purpose Vehicle" undergoing a trial fit of the 106mm recoilless rifle taken from one of the Philippine Marines M151 Jeeps.  The Marines have been keen to replace the M151 Jeeps which have been increasingly hard to maintain.  While Hummers are an option, the MMPV prototype shown below is a locally produced Philippine version that is equipped with a Mitsubishi diesel engine (Pajero) engine and transmission, 4 wheel drive and chassis.  Cost is much less than the US built Hummers – 310 thousand PHP bare.  Additional military equipment and modifications required by the Marines are estimated to cost another 25 thousand PHP to 35 thousand PHP.  While the priority is to replace the M151 RRs (recoilless rifles) jeeps, the Marines eventually want to procure several variants – troop carriers, ambulance, commo van, MP jeep and command vehicles.  The Marines are currently awaiting approval from the Navy but would prefer to acquire these versions and get more of them instead of acquiring the US built Hummers to replace the M151s.

Thanks for MC-5 for the pics.