The February Fort Bonifacio Incident
Date Updated: Monday September 04, 2006

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Warships from various countries attended the exhibit.  The picture below shows an Indian Delhi class destroyer (with eight KH35 Uran "Harpoonski" missiles on either side, 16 in total), an Indian Coastguard vessel (Samar Class) and an Indian Trinkat-class patrol boat armed with a navalized BMP2 turret.  Thanks to Opus for the corrections and details. 

Closest to the camera is a Singaporean Sea Wolf Class Navy Missile boat. See below.



Old Singaporean LSTs.  Recently retired but still used as block ships by the Singaporeans whenever a US warship is in town.




Dream machine of the Philippine Navy, the Endurance class LST.  If you need to know what the PN officers aspire for, look no further.

The PN is quite serious about the Endeavor that the Chief of Naval Staff of the Philippine Navy, RADM George Uy together with the Philippine Navy’s Naval Modernization Office went on an official tour of the ship (one of two ships they visited.  See below.

RADM Uy touring the bridge.

The Naval Modernization Office.

FACs of the Singapore Navy, the Sea Wolf Class.  These boats are to be decommissioned and the manpower transferred to the new frigates as these are commissioned.

These are basically German designed Lurssen FPM45 class boats.  The first two units were built in Germany and the balance built by Singapore Technologies Ship Yard in Singapore.  They displace 270 tons and are powered by four MTU 16V diesels (13460 hp) to four shafts for top speed of 38 knots.  The lead boat (Sea Wolf) was built in 1972.  The last boat was built in 1976. 

The PN has officially expressed interest in acquiring these units as they are decommissioned by Singapore minus the armaments. Most likely these will be transferred with guns only.  They will be used as Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft by the PN – same role as the PKM class acquired from South Korea.

Another item worthy of note in the picture below is the strikingly camouflaged ship on the right side of the picture below.  Its an Indonesian Navy Corvette.  Striking paint job!