SF.260 Photos

Date Updated:
Saturday May 14, 2005

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Pictured below is an SF.260TP 29-07
painted with a white two tone blue color scheme similar to the first Layang
conversion.  One of the visual differences between the Layang and factory
conversion is the engine exhausts.  On the factory conversion below, the
exhausts go all the way back to the firewall.  On the PAFconversion, the
exhausts are shorter.  This photo was taken in the
Fernando Air Base
hangar in Luzon 
on Jan 30, 1997.

Photo courtesy of Anglo-Philippine Aviation.

SF260TPs COIN conversions at Mactan ready for inspection.  Thanks for
the picture.

SF260TP at Basa.  Note the trainer scheme and unmodified wings (ie no
weapons pylon).

SF260 at Lipa with the 100th Training Wing.  This TP was a new build
from Italy.