S.211 Photos

Date Updated:
Wednesday March 16, 2005


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S211 801 taken last March 2003 after
completion of its overhaul. At the time the picture was taken, the aircraft was
undergoing tests prior to its first flight after overhaul.  The overhaul
had been undertaken by the PAF with the assistance of Aerotech Philippines. 
With the grounding of PAF F-5s, the S211 fleet has taken on greater importance. 
It provides PAF fast jet pilots with continuation training, advanced training
and refresher training to keep them current in flying jet aircraft.  It
also provides a limited light strike and attack platform as well a gives PAF
pilots practice in limited jet fighter operations.  Photo provided by
Eric Alvia. Many Thanks.

The picture of the S.211 below was
taken at
Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base
Mactan Island
It is assigned to the 7th TFS of the
Fighter Wing
. The type is normally based out of
Basa Air Base but
does occasionally deploy to Mactan as well as
Bautista Air Base
in Palawan and from there conduct "show the flag" and reconnaissance missions
over the Spratlys together with

15th SW
OV-10s.  023 below was last noted in January 1999 and has not
figured in any accidents.

815 below, taken on January 1997,
sports the latest paint scheme though some examples can still be found with
either the camo or silver/day-glo schemes.   815 below still exists
and is probably still in use by the 105th Training Squadron but flies out of
Basa.  Note the badge on the tail as well as the "checkerboard".  The Martin-Baker
ejection seats are covered with canvas to keep the heat out of the cockpit. 
The various intakes and pitots found all around the aircraft are also covered,
including the intake behind the rear cockpit (red cover).  Also of interest
are one of the remaining derelict F-8s in the background.

The pictures below show stored S211s
and stored F-5s. The F-5s remain in storage.  The S211s are merely awaiting
parts and overhaul and will (if not already) be flying again.