MDH.520G Defender
Date Updated: Saturday April 09, 2005

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One of the remaining 20 MG520s in use with the 15th Strike Wing.  The MG520 is one of the more modern aircraft types in service.  Are capable of one pilot operation though in PAF service, two crew are the norm.  Are normally armed with one .50 cal mg and one tube with seven 2.75 inch rockets.  Is actually capable of carrying more weapons.  In the picture below the aircraft is armed with four 7.62 mgs and two 2.75 inch rocket pods in each side.  Ammunition for the guns is located in the rear compartment. 

The type has also been cleared to carry the FN Herstal combination pod (HMP-RL) as well as the twin 7.62mm Herstal (Twin Mag) pod both of which were originally bought to equip the S-76s.

The photo below was taken in 1991 at a Villamor Airbase airshow.  The aircraft is in pristine condition and had just been recently delivered.  The serial number for those of you plane spotters out there is 15431.

MG520 – 15424 about to depart for a training mission.  Note empty rocket pods.  PAF MGs usually operate with the cockpit doors removed for better visibility and cooling. 

Original paint scheme.