The Marsh/Philippine
Air Force OV-10 program at this time
involved engine overhaul and modernization, installation of a new Hartzell propeller management system, and new 4 blade aluminum Hartzell

Additionally the PAF
also ordered new starter
generators, generator control units with fault transformers, and new
electrical power management units. In addition to the benefits offered by the
new generator control units, the new the PAF new starter
generators and control units can be easily supported compared to the old system.  The
power management units (PMU) offers all new sealed D.C. power relays, and a
series parallel starting system, which allows faster starting without the
requirement for off base auxiliary power units (APUs or starter carts).

The PAF is also considering
a new Eductor Exhaust
System for inclusion into the current OV-10 fleet.  This offers reduced exhaust maintenance, cooler engine and accessory
operations, and a reduced Infra-Red (IR) signature. Furthermore the Eductor Exhaust system
also deletes
the old engine hot section covers which restrict access to the engine fuel
equipment. The new exhaust system offers the PAF the ability to service the engine
nozzles without removing the engine from the aircraft, a real maintenance plus.

In the future, Marsh
Aviation will be offering the PAF many additional upgrades that can be installed in the PAF OV-10A aircraft. 
Upgrades such as new GPS
systems with imbedded Communication, Navigation and ILS systems. A new ICS system
will also be offered to support the new communication and navigation system.

The PAF has the opportunity to upgrade and
modernize the OV-10A aircraft on a basis that will allow incremental improvement
to the aircraft, and allow their staff to gain experience from the technology
transfer offered by the new programs.

* PAF sources indicated
that the PAF undertook and was responsible for the overhaul of the airframe and
other systems not covered by the Marsh contract.

Photos courtesy of
Mr. Floyd Stilwell,
OV-10 Program Manager.  With thanks.

Beautiful photos of
the Marsh Aviation OV-10A (first two ) and OV-10D (last picture)