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Air Force News

  • ((04 February 2005). It seems that flight
    training is happening again with the leased ex Zambia SF260s being used
    as primary trainers to replace the TPs transferred to the 15th Strike
    Wing. The PAF is in the market for a second hand F-27 Mk600. Two
    additional overhauled C-130s are coming on line soon to bring the total
    operational to 6.

  • (23 January 2005).The delivery of the newly
    rebuilt UH-1H helicopters from Singapore is nearly complete. All 20 will
    probably be in delivered by the beginning of the 2005. On another note,
    4 OV-10s are suddenly available from Thailand. It seems like Indonesia
    was supposed to get 5 from Thailand but the US State Department
    objected. One of those five OV-10s has now been allocated to a Thai
    Museum but the rest are up for grabs. The remaining four are still in
    flying condition. The engines have regularly been run up and the
    aircraft have been regularly flown to keep them in good condition prior
    to transfer. No official offer has been made to the PAF yet though.
    Should someone call the PAFCG? Isn’t this what Military Attaches are
    supposed to be doing?

  • (10 December 2004). The PAF is discussing
    lease terms with Aerotech Industries Philippines for three SF260MZs that
    Aerotech bought from Zambia and completely rebuilt. Aerotech Industries
    Philippines also conducts rebuilds and overhauls of PAF S211s at its
    facility in Clark Air Base. The PAF has been a long time operator of
    various models of the SF260 for quite a number of years now with the
    latest model TPs serving as COIN aircraft with the 15th Strike Wing.

  • (10 October 2004). PAF tacticians are
    feeling some validation of the tactics they use against Philippine
    insurgent groups when looking at US helicopter tactics in Iraq,
    especially those used by the US Marines. Like the Marines and unlike the
    US Army, PAF helicopter "gunships" don’t use hovering when conducting
    air strikes. Instead, they try to go as fast as they can and come from
    as high as they can when conducting their strikes. No hovering among
    trees and presenting a juicy target to anyone with a pistol. The US Army
    on the other hand tried out its hovering tactics in Karbala (23 and 24
    March 2003) during the official ground war and basically got their
    behinds (in Apaches no less) handed back to them by the Iraqis.

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    Air Force News.