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Monday September 04, 2006

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The latest returnee to the PAF C130/L100-20 fleet
is 4593.  Its return marks the return of maintenance of the big Lockheed’s
in the Philippines.  Overhauled by Asian Aerospace at its facilities in
Clark over a period of two years.  The overhaul/rebuild was conducted with
the assistance of Lockheed Martin with funding provided in part by the United
States.  Previous overhauls were done by Airod in Malaysia.  Previous
that that, they used to be done at the PAL Technical Center before it was sold
by Lucio Tan.   Photo taken by Jerry Laviña in September 2006 and
released for publication by the 505th Air Rescue Group with thanks. 

4593 in civilian guise below.  There is some question as to what PAF serial number it now carries though it is
most likely number PAF 4593.  Was parked in Benito Ebuen in 1996 and was in
bad condition.  Left Mactan in August 1996. 4593 recently underwent Program Depot Maintenance at Asian
Aviation in Clark and has now returned to service. 

PAF C130B #3633 is only one of four of these big
airlifters that are currently in service with the PAF.  It is a much older
model than 4593.   Photo taken by Jerry Laviña in September 2006 and
released for publication by the 505th Air Rescue Group with thanks. 

Photos of currently operational C-130s taken in the
past year courtesy of Jack Hannen and Rain. 

Jack Hannen took photos of PAF C-130H #4704 while in
Cagayan de Oro in July 2005

Jack Hannen took photos of PAF C-130B #3633 while in
Cagayan de Oro in July 2005

Photos of 4704 taken of PAF C-130H #4704 taken during 
stop over at the PAF Air station at Rajah Buayan

Photo of the latest L100-20, (#3946) to return to service. 
Photo taken on the ramp at Mactan on July 2006.  Note the different colored
cowling covers which suggest that the engines were removed from another

Ed: Scuttlebut says that the engines may have been
provided directly by the US as part of US military aid.  Others speculate
that it may have come from another PAF aircraft.

Another photo of L100-20 #3946 taken on a different day in the same month. 
Thanks to Jetmech and PPjack for the photos.

The C-130 storage area at Mactan.  Where C-130s
wait their turn for overhaul.  The first C-130 in this photo is a C-130B
S#0749.  Delivered to the PAF in 1991 and has been noted in the storage
area since 2002.  Picture below was taken in 2004. 

The overhaul line at Mactan.  As of July 2006 when this picture was taken,
there were three C-130s currently in line due for overhauls as well as a Nomad.
First C-130 in line for overhaul is another C-130B.  S#3552 (58-0753).

The pick apart line.  Believe it or not, there is still a possibility that
some of these aircraft will return to service once more funding is approved. 
There will come a time however when the cost of returning them

to service far outweighs the cost of acquiring a second hand aircraft.