The Marine Ready Force of the CSS Brigade has already has figured prominently in events in the Philippines. When a renegade Marine Colonel, (Col. Ariel Querubin) showed up 
at Marine HQ with about 100 of his men (traveling all the way from Marawi City where his brigade is based), they were immediately surrounded by Manila based Marines who in 
turn refused to take part in whatever Col. Ariel Querubin had planned. Instead, the Marine Ready Force re-affirmed their oath to defend the Philippine constitution and surrounded the 
compound where Col. Querubin had holed up. They also geared up to repel the SAF and SR units that might decide to join Col Querubin. Seeing that the core of the Metro Manila 
based Marines composed of the Marine Ready Force refused to join, the Scout Rangers and elements of the Special Action Force stood down and did not leave their base.  
Col. Querubin would later surrender to his superiors. 
The photos below were taken on that fateful night and show elements of CSSB and the Marine Ready Force during the standoff.  The photos are thumbnails.  
Double click on each one to view full size. 
Photos courtesy of Bimbo Andrade - thank you for sharing.  

Ready Force V150 with urban camo.  It has
also benefited from with the addition of another .50 cal machine gun in a rear

Photo of the rear gun on the V150.  There is
also someone looking through one of the vision blocks.  The rear gun
station is one of many improvements made to marine corps equipment

instituted by the current CCSB.

Marine Ready Force troops playing the waiting
game.  Note the 7.62 mm ammunition swathed over the gunner.  Note that
the assistant gunners to the left and right of him have pouches/bags

which also contain ammunition for the gun (green bags with no locking clips)
next to the magazine pouches. 

Marines use the US pattern ALICE web gear and
strictly enforce it’s use as the standard web gear for its troops.  Most
prefer to not lock the webbing in front and prefer to let it all hang back.
Marines say they prefer this set-up because it lets them hug the ground when
under fire. No one seems to have any bullet proof vests though most are wearing
as helmets – most of the newer "Fritz" variety while some still wear the M-1
steel helmet.  Those that don’t wear helmets, wear the boonie/floppy hats
(Force Recon Marines) while some wear the standard 8 point cover. Uniforms are
all neat and pressed and the troops are all smartly turned out.



Most are armed with M-16A1s that have had their
barrels replaced and have new handguards.  A number also have M-14s.
Standard medium machine gun is the M-60E3. 

Light machine guns are the 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon Minimi. 
Ammunition is plentiful and nearly everyone seems to have close to, if not their
full allotment.