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Date Updated: Monday May 23, 2005

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The Philippine Army operates a variety of armored vehicles from either the US, Great Britain and some from Portugal.

The majority of armored vehicles are wheeled – V-150s, Simbas, and Chaimites.  Tracked vehicles are M113s and early model Scorpions.

The Kalakian (=Water Buffalo) APC is a locally built armored vehicle, 20 of which have been ordered from the manufacturer by the Philippine Army.  It is armed with one 40mm AGL, one 7.62mm mg and one .50 cal mg.  It is roughly based on the Simba armored vehicle but is dimensionally larger and incorporates some changes to reflect the army’s experience with the Simba (ie, heavier firepower and a different turret.  Due to its small size, the .50 cal Simba turret was limited in the amount of firepower it could be adapted to carry, larger doors on both sides – the Simba has a door on only one side)

Pictures of Army Simba APCs taken in the area around Pikit, North Cotabato during Army operations against MILF rebels in May 2003.  The first picture below shows one of the few Army Simbas armed with the 25mm Chain gun.  The bottom picture shows the more common .50 cal armed Simba. Note the rolls of concertina wire by the road.

Front view of the Simba.  Note the message in chalk.  The picture below is interesting because it shows the three types of armored vehicles in use by the AFP.  Parked beside the Simba is a Marine V150 and V300.  Also noteworthy is the front window of the Simba.  It shows delamination of the glass at base of the screen as well as what appears to be a damage on the center of the screen.  It looks like it was hit by a round but did not penetrate.  Somewhere out there is a very lucky driver!