Jose Andrada Fast Patrol Craft Photos
Date Updated: Friday August 18, 2006

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BRP Anastacio Cacayorin (PG-387), BRP Leovigildo Antique (PG-384) and BRP Jose Loor (PG-390) moored in Margosatubig, Zamboanga in November 2002.  At their stern is BRP Bacolod City (LC-550) with her Bo.105c and BRP Benguet (LT-507).  Note the covered 25mm and 12.7mm guns as well as the prominent armor plates covering what would normally be a wide expanse of transparency over the bridge.  These gunboats are attached to Naval Forces South.

Nice looking boats imho. Editor

Pictured below is BRP Federico Martir tied up at the Jolo pier.  Note that she does not carry the full complement of .50 cal guns (the two in front of the pilot house/bridge are missing, as are their mounts.  You can barely see the two at the stern.  Note as well the armored windshields – three front panels are missing, possibly stowed away.  The panels themselves are made of Kevlar composite material and were installed to minimize injuries to the crew inside the bridge when under fire. 

During internal security operations, due to a need to positively identify hostiles (i.e. pirates and rebels) before engaging, Navy gunboats like the BRP Federico Martir typically have to come within visual range to positively identify their targets prior to opening fire.  Engagements of 500 meters or less are typical.  This is well within M-16 range and crewmen manning the bridge have found themselves vulnerable and frequently targeted by the rebels or pirates themselves.  After all, what better way to call off a chase than to hit the person actually steering or commanding the craft chasing you!  These days, the Andrada class boats operating in southern waters are all equipped with the kevlar shields to minimize this vulnerability.

BRP Alfredo Peckson having her hull cleaned and repaired on board one of two PN floating drydocks.

The PN maintains a task force in central Philippines to protect tourist locations and prevent another embarrassing hostage crisis.  Photos below were taken off of the island of Boracay in central Philippines last May 2006.  It shows the leadship of the class, PG370 BRP Jose Andrada and PG392 BRP Juan Magluyan.  Note that the Jose Andrada still does not carry the 25mm chain gun while it’s newer sister does.  Neither does it have the shields fitted over its transparencies.  Thank you to A. Bernardo for the photos.