Miramar Airshow 2007

By far my favorite picture.  Canadian
Forces Harvard II flown to Miramar from Moose
Jaw, SK by Eileen.  A five hour trip. 
When we talked to her, the show was closing and
they were going to go fly out to Salt Lake City
to spend the night before flying on back to
Moose Jaw.  Prettier than the airplane she
flew in, though that isn’t bad either. 

Click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures.

The Canadian Forces were also represented by the
British Aerospace Hawk pictured below.  To
be honest, it wasn’t as interesting as the

T-38A and T-38C.  The C model is noteworthy
because it underwent a modification and
modernization program to improve reliability and
performance including the inclusion of a glass
cockpit.  The other major and most visible
change is the revised, larger, air intakes that
improves thrust.  Shown here below together
with an A model (black).  Both are carrying
baggage pods.

CA-25 Winjeel.  Training aircraft built in
Australia and previously operated by the
Australians.  Has since been replaced by
the Harvard II (see above).

F-117 Stealth fighter.  Security was tight
around the bird in spite of the fact that she
will be retired soon.

KC-130H flown in from New Mexico where is
conducts aircrew training.  The Lt who flew
her looked like Dana Sculley.  I swear.

Modernized for the fire bomber role. The S-2
operated by the California Department of
Forestry and Fire Safety looked brand new with her modern five
bladed propellers and turbine engines.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Safety sent
two aircraft that also normally operate in pairs
when fighting fires.  The Bronco picture
below has been demilitarized and no longer
sports the wing pylons that enable it to carry
guns and bombs.  I’ve been told that the
modification is permanent and cannot be
restored.  Ejection seats have also been
removed since civil aircraft are not allowed to
carry such equipment.  The striking thing
about this and the S-2 above is the fact that
the aircraft are showroom clean.  Their
cockpits are immaculate though you can see that
they are also well used.  The attention to
detail is amazing and speaks volumes of the
professionalism and expertise of the people who
fly them.  Seeing these aircraft always
makes me wonder why the PAF Broncos don’t look
as nice.  Like the PAF, these guys operate
on very unlimited budgets.  If they can do
it, why can’t the PAF?

Front cockpit of
the OV-10.  Note how clean everything is
and how clear the canopy is.

Rear shot of the
rear cockpit.  The attention to detail is
amazing.  Note that this aircraft is a
working fire spotter.  It is not a showroom
aircraft by any stretch yet it is showroom


Aim 9 Sidewinder practice round. 
Noteworthy because it looked so ratty on the
wing of the Hornet.

San Diego Sheriff MD500 and Huey II.  Like
the S-2 and OV-10 pictured above, immaculate. 
Note that the Huey II does not sport the new
nose but it does have the revised tail rotor,
upgraded engine and rotor.  Also carries a
fire fighting pod.


Not really aircraft but interesting nonetheless. 

New Marine Howitzer designated M777. 
British design, bought by the USMC and the
Canadian Forces.  You can’t really see it
in the picture but the piece is loaded with all
manner of electronics on the gun itself. 
Makes even the M198 look old.

20mm Vulcan

ZSU 23-4. 
Four HMGs that fire rounds slightly larger than
the .50 cal.