AFDL-1 Floating Dry-docks (Ex-US Navy)
Date Updated: Tuesday March 15, 2005


Technical Details


Displacement 12,000 tons.
Length 288′ Beam 64′
Inside width 45′
Draft 3′ 3" (lt), 31′ 4" (flooded)
Lifting capacity 1,900 tons max.


Arguably, the two most important pieces of equipment that the Philippine Navy possesses.  The two AFDL-1s provide the PN with the ability to maintain most of its equipment.  It’s one of the main reasons why so much of the old equipment remains usable. 

Equipment that are too large and/or heavy to fit into the two floating dry-docks must however be sent off to commercial dry-docks like Keppel SY which in turn costs more than having the PN doing it in-house.    Therefore maintenance of larger Navy ships suffers as a result.  An example of this is PS11 which suffered from a leaky hull and which wasn’t repaired until the US Navy assisted with its divers.  The PN could not do it in house because it has no divers experienced in underwater ship repair and because its dry docks are too small to accommodate a ship of its size.

The picture below shows on of BRP Cebu, one of the Miguel Malvar class corvettes having its hull cleaned and repaired.  Photos below courtesy of Shonen Red with thanks.

Photo below shows BRP Rizal sharing the dry-dock with BRP Alfredo Peckson, one of the Jose Andrada class gunboats. Patrol Craft. 
Alfredo Peckson is having work done to its hull while BRP Rizal is having one of it propellers replaced. 

Stern view of the dry-dock showing BRP Rizal sans one of its propellers.